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Get Spooked! Haunted Calgary Has Finally Arrived!

posted by: on: June 18, 2018 5:31:40 PM

Halloween is on its way and to help indulge in the halloween spirit and get your scare on, the annual “Haunted Calgary” presents: 
Hollywood Horror. This isn’t just any haunted house… this is Calgary, Alberta's biggest and largest scaled haunted house which is hosted annually by volunteers and sponsors. This special event donates 100% of its funds and food raised to charity organizations in the near area. So why not do some good for your community whilst screaming your toosh off this October?


What to Expect

This event comes with a warning: enter at your own risk. Little is still known about the design of each haunted house as construction is still underway according to the Haunted Calgary Facebook page.However, the scare is themed off Hollywood classics so we can only expect to see lurking vampires, troubled maniacs, and maybe a little IT inspired clowns.


Times, Location, and Tickets 

Haunted Calgary understands some individuals aren’t into the entire 10/10 guts and horror. Thus, the production team has set up two different “scare times” which allows for families to enjoy the events earlier during the day while adults and teens can enjoy the fright at night! To be exact, times available for a “low scare” grade will be between 2pm-4pm while the “high scare” will be between 6pm-10pm. Econo Lodge South Calgary is a quick 30 minute drive to Rocky Ridge Bay where Haunted Calgary will be held this October 2017.  

 As stated before this event is 100% pro bono, so tickets are by donation only. However, the Haunted Calgary Site recommends a $10 donation along with some non-perishable food items. This is an event Econo Lodge South Calgary is proud to advertise and our staff would be more than happy to help you with your travel to and from the event!

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