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Calgary Zoo Is The Second Largest Zoo In Canada!

posted by: on: June 18, 2018 5:35:23 PM

Calgary Zoo brings back the magic of discovering new creatures and fun facts about our world while admiring some of the most beautiful creatures our world bestows. Calgary arguably has the best zoo in all of Canada scoring a high 4.4  of out 5 star Google review. It’s typical for zoos to lose funding and thus underkeep their enclosures resulting in unhappy animals - but not Calgary Zoo! This is a clean, well-kept zoo with great staff who can tell you fun facts about each animal!


Discover Animals From Around The World!

The Calgary Zoo choose to showcase their animals in different ways by segregating species into different “destinations”. These “destinations” help give animals enclosures that are more suited to their natural habitats and assist guests in find what’s where. These “destinations” include: Canadian Wilds, Conservatory & Gardens, Destination Africa, Eurasia, Land of Lemurs, Penguin Plunge, and Prehistoric Park. Fun facts about each habitat and its occupants are listed throughout the zoo so you can learn what these animals like to each, where they spend most their time, among other fun facts.


The Perfect Place For Canadian Memorabilia

This makes for a cheap excursion for everyone to enjoy! Tickets range between $16.95 - $24.95  and can be bought upon entry or on their website. Don’t forget to pick up some awesome Canadian memorabilia when you’re there including cute stuffies of Canadian mammals, Canadian outerwear, and LOTS of maple syrup! Food and beverage can be found within the Zoo so there’s no need to bring a lunch!


The Calgary Zoo is located on  210 St. George's Drive NE which is a short 15 minute drive from us at Econo Lodge South Calgary. Book with us for the best in accomodation for comfort, affordability, and care in the South Calgary area. 

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